iraq bound

A couple of months ago Taylor moved his stuff into a Scottsdale, AZ, storage unit and flew to Florida. He is newly employed with an independent provider of health services that contracts with government agencies. Thankfully, his military training and background as a biomed technician caught the attention of this reputable company, and they hired him for one year to repair medical equipment. In Iraq. So he’s been in training and then waiting for his deployment.

Taylor-heading to Iraq-9.12.11

Today’s the day! He called me this morning from the airport. He is traveling with five other newbies with the company, first to Kuwait for a few days of visa work and then on to Baghdad. I’m not prone to worry, but I am a little concerned about the poisonous snakes that live over there. He is too, though I’m sure my fear of those ghastly creatures was passed on to him. He will be well paid for his time, and in these days of rampant unemployment we know enough to be thankful for this good opportunity.

Fare thee well, dear son Taylor. Remember who you are…and don’t forget to skype!

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