t-shirt designers

While all the grands were in town we worked on a project together: designing t-shirts. We went to a local shop called FanFare and chose colorful shirts in the right sizes for everybody. I worked with each of the Anderson kiddos with my computer to create their own designs. Bailey’s is about basketball; Marissa’s is about softball; Addison’s is about soccer; Cassidy’s is about music; and Paul’s is about sweets. There is little doubt where each one’s heart lies.

Oscar is in love with big machines, the kinds that grade roads, scoop dirt, and reach high places. Since he’s still a little too young to draw recognizable objects, Rachel wondered if the Anderson kids might design his shirt.


They got right down to business, each with his/her assigned machine.

Then everyone but our one local grand went back home. Having a project to complete gave me something to take my mind off the quiet house.

It was fun working with deanna moore from FanFare, because she was so wholehearted about the shirts. And then I got the call that they were ready.


She was eager to show them to me.


I was even more excited to see them. And to get them in the mail!

Rachel sent me pictures of her cute boy wearing his shirt. She says he could name every machine. Usually I try to choose the very best picture, but what do I do with four very best pictures?





That’s easy!


Of course Baby Sage needed a shirt too. She looks pretty happy about hers, don’tcha think?

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1 Response to t-shirt designers

  1. Ridge says:

    What a fabulous idea! And they are so cute!

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