number eight

On Sunday our John added one year to his age, and we were invited to a lunch gathering to celebrate his 34 years of life. The menu included gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and crepes with Nutella and ice cream for dessert.


Here’s the birthday boy making his dessert.


And here’s the crepe maker, Pete himself. With Linsey. You’ve seen them recently in my posts about Alaska.

I couldn’t reveal it at the time because they hadn’t yet announced it publicly, but their baby (baby!) is due to arrive sometime middle to late February. They’re very excited—and so are we. We know they’ll make wonderful parents!


They’ve been practicing on their niece Sage, who is never far away. Here she demonstrates her latest trick.

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2 Responses to number eight

  1. Leane Chaffee says:

    Congratulations Linsey and Pete!

  2. LizW says:

    Sage is getting really big!!

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