my friend jo

My friend Jo was my friend Jo long before I started working at Newberg Friends Church, where she has served as a pastor (most recently in women’s ministries) for 12 years.


I was part of her small group for several years. I snapped this picture at one of our meetings. More than that, only one house and a street separated her house from ours until she and Hank took up residence in another neighborhood.


A few weeks ago the church threw a little retirement party to honor her years of ministry.


While we’re sad to see her leave the pastoral team, we’re glad to release her to this next phase of her life. Today was her last team meeting, and she had some giftings to distribute—archival relics that surfaced as she cleaned out her office.


Then on to Yamhill Grill, where she treated the whole team to lunch (topped off with Sweetest Thing cupcakes)!



Yep…we were there too!


Jo was in seventh heaven because her daughter Anna and Anna’s family (Ronnie, Carter, and…)


baby Caden) were visiting from California.

I understand the joy felt when two life segments collide. (Warning: flashback ahead)

Picture 1

9/9/09—Dropping in on team meeting just two weeks after the Andersons returned from Ethiopia with Addison and Paul. Michelle snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook.


Bless you, Hank and Jo. May God fill the coming years with fulfillment and fun. You’ve got it coming to you.

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1 Response to my friend jo

  1. Jo Helsabeck says:

    Thank you, dear Sherry. This was a surprise and a treat, as your blog always is. I treasure our friendship…and you!

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