divided household

We got a new refrigerator as part of a small remodeling project that has our kitchen topsy turvy. When everything’s put back together next month, I’ll show it off here. That’s what blogs are for, right?

Before the fridge could be delivered, Mauri and I had to take everything out of our upright freezer, housed in the utility room, move it to the garage, put everything back in the freezer, take everything out of our old fridge, move it to the utility room where the freezer had been, put everything back in the old fridge.

Let’s not talk about all the crud that had to be removed from behind and under these appliances between each of these moves. We’d rather live in denial.

Also, Russ Ragsdale, who’s doing the work part of this project, had to come and remove a cabinet.


Things always have to get worse before they can get better. You can quote me on that.


Then some more shifting from the old fridge into the new fridge, frozen food from the garage to the utility room and the new fridge.

But what could be more fun than a new and spacious refrigerator?

Until we learned we are a divided household.


I like mine crushed.


He likes his cubed.

Will our marriage survive this discovery?

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4 Responses to divided household

  1. Kevin Hoffer says:

    That is just to funny. We are opposite. I like mine crushed and my wife likes cubes.

  2. Judy says:

    We’re divided, too. So we compromise and do it my way. (Cubes)

  3. Pam says:

    I am now suffering from refrigerator envy. You guys have just purchased my dream frig! I’m so jealous!…..love you!

  4. Alice says:

    From a person who NEVER want’s ice in any beverage anyway, I say, who cares???

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