the pond

As soon as we arrived here, Oscar started talking about “the pond.” He talks in phrases at this point but with his parents handy to fill in the blanks we learned this was a favorite place to visit. You can feed ducks, see turtles, and watch extra large fish (koi) swim near the surface.


Turned out “the pond” was so much more than a pond. It’s part of the campus of the University of Pennsylvania and created as a botanical garden. The shade surrounding the biopond was a welcome relief from this hot day.


The turtles felt just the opposite.


Oscar felt right at home here.


He was patient with my need to hold his hand.


But would much rather run on his own.


It was hard to leave this peaceful setting. But we had another destination.


We needed to go check out “our” store in downtown Philly.


Its impressive entrance is only fitting for a Macy’s, don’t you think?


He’s thinking we should have been a little nicer to our ancestors.


From the third floor we had a good view of the Wanamaker organ pipes.


The 15-minute organ (concert) helped us work up an appetite for Philly cheesesteaks. The line was its usual out the door and around the corner.



And worth the wait! We were actually hungry, a rare sensation these days.

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2 Responses to the pond

  1. Elizabeth Archers says:

    Thank you so much for posting such great photos of your trip! I’m loving your coverage of our Philly Phamily! 🙂

  2. Ridge says:

    I’m so envious…first because you’re all walking around in shorts and no jackets (it hit a balmy 62 today…oh phuleezze)….and secondly, the philly cheese steaks…no-one out here knows how to make a decent one! There are a few things about the East Coast I miss, and that’s one of them! Enjoy your trip, I’m loving the pics!

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