We finally made it to Philly after a full day in the air. Rachel and John are enough of a draw to this part of the country, but adding Oscar to the mix makes the combination unbeatable.




Today we set out on a road trip to Amish country—Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



But of course we had to stop by Panera Bread for breakfast on the way out of town. It might be the first time in our Panera Bread history that we walked in without computers.


Oscar didn’t need coffee to get his energy burst. He hits the ground running every morning.




This might be my favorite picture of the day. Can you tell why?


We were heading for this garage sale, where this table of cast iron skillets proved tempting to the man who cooks (almost) exclusively in Griswolds. But we managed to leave without one. I guess his collection is complete.


Central Market held our interest for a while, but not enough to leave any money there. But outside the market, my dog-loving husband had to stop for a meet and greet.


Huge great danes…beautiful dogs!


The urge to photograph restaurant rugs came over me—two in one day! Good ‘n’ Plenty Restaurant proved true on both counts.


Out back, a playground and petting farm.



Driving through the Amish farmland we couldn’t resist stopping at another garage sale, where I surreptitiously snapped this shot.


Does this scooter/bike strike you as a bit odd? The Amish steer clear of pedals, but I don’t know why.


Here’s a boy hauling stuff behind his “kickbike.”


I tried to capture the phenom in my rear-view mirror. Oh, well.


I leave you with this one final picture of an Amish farm. Or so I thought (because of the red reflective triangle on the back of the buggy between the house and the barn). When I downloaded this picture, I saw the truck (hiding?) behind the barn.

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4 Responses to pennsylvania

  1. Mary Schrock says:

    Wondering what towns you went to back there in Amish country?
    Floyd has some Old Order Mennonite relatives in those parts who appear on the surface to be “amish”.??????

  2. Joanna says:

    I love visiting Amish country. I wonder about the kickbikes–in Nappanee Amish Community they ride bikes.
    As for the “can you tell why?” I think it’s because of the Ford logo! 🙂

  3. Tonya says:

    How fun! Nice to see Rachel with her family. She doesn’t look much different than when she was in the middle school youth group at NFC. Still lovely 🙂

  4. Ron Staples says:

    How DO you “ride” that thing?

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