We didn’t find out until we got to the airport and tried to check in that weather conditions in Chicago would prevent us from making our connection to Philadelphia. Bummer. But just by pressing a button on the monitor, we were immediately rebooked to Philly through San Francisco tomorrow.

So we took our lemon and made lemonade.

Exiting the airport we called AirPark to come back and get us. On the way we heard the dispatcher announce the valet driver had locked the key in our car.


They were extremely apologetic about it and invited us to wait in their closet-sized break room while the locksmith came to undo the damage.


Even that turned out okay because not only did they not charge us for the back-and-forth shuttle ride or the short parking, they assured us a parking spot tomorrow morning on our return (the lot was full).

Mauri had just read in “The Week” about a Japanese restaurant in Portland, so he located it on his smart phone and asked the GPS to take us there.



I ordered the chicken and curry;


Mauri ordered, um, what is that stuff called again?


Whatever it was, he slicked it right up. I managed to clean my plate as well.

That left us both wanting a nap (eating is such hard work) but we figured this was a freebie day and wondered aloud what we might do next.


Bob’s Red Mill seemed like the right choice. We hadn’t been back there since our tenth anniversary when we went out on the town to do ten things. (That was two years before I started blogging in 2006, but I have all the pictures of the ten things.)


See? That doesn’t surprise you a bit, does it?


We managed to find a bagfull of stuff to buy, and I also helped Mauri eat a world class cinnamon roll baked right there on site (and maybe by our friend Bruce Bishop).


Maybe for me the best part of the lemonade is the stop we made at T-Mobile to buy me my very own smart phone. I know, I know, I’m way behind the curve on this one. Don’t call me though; I haven’t learned how to answer it yet.

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1 Response to lemonade

  1. Ridge says:

    Yikes….if you’re behind the curve, we’re still on the strait-a-way and can’t even see the curve! 🙂

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