young 92

She doesn’t act her age. This morning she flew home from Boise, where she attended the memorial service of her brother-in-law Roy. On their way home from the airport, other siblings-in-law took her for a birthday lunch. When she got home she noticed the work on her apartment lighting hadn’t been done. After a call to the maintenance team, she stood by and oversaw the operation of a ceiling light installation. Trouble was, it crashed to the floor, making a huge mess. Of course they cleaned it up, but Mom Edna was barely able to make it to the birthday picnic we locals planned.


It was a low-effort, high-reward affair. Minimal decor, bring your own sandwich, store-bought cake.


And yet I think the mom/grandmom in the family felt honored.


After the traditional round of hacky-sack, John entertained all of us with a little show. Those grandpa-made stilts have been hanging around since his childhood. I guess it’s like riding a bike…

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1 Response to young 92

  1. rachel says:

    I LOVE the last pic! What fun! Of course, it goes without saying that we wish we could’ve been there.

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