Back when I was in Arizona the kids pulled out the question cards at meal times and we entertained ourselves for quite a while taking turns answering the drawn card. I found one question/answers especially intriguing. It went something like this: If you could choose a day to be a special holiday, what would you call it and how would you celebrate it?

Now, a grandmother worth her salt might remember how her grandkids’ answered, maybe even write the holidays in her calendar and find a way to celebrate each one. Sorry, kids. You’re going to have to rely on your other grandmoms for that kind of selfless attention. I remember my answer.

I would name my holiday Thrift Shopping Day, requiring every thrift store in the entire country to sell everything that day for $1/item.

“What’s a thrift store?” asked one of the newer Andersons.

Twelve-year-old Marissa quickly responded, “You know, like TJ Maxx and Ross!”

Haven’t I taught these kids anything?


This is a thrift store.

Earlier that day I had used my kids-in-school time to scope out the nearest Goodwill. That’s my idea of a good time! I’ve often said that even if I were a millionaire, I’d still enjoy the treasure hunting a good old thrift store affords.


Turned out all purple tags were $1! Just think of all the fun I can have with the $117.76 I saved.

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2 Responses to thrifty

  1. Di Murphy says:

    You could put all that saved $$ toward taking your friends out to tea at Feller House! Oh, come to think of it, you already did that!

  2. Judy says:

    You know, after you add up all the money you saved, you add that back into your checkbook, and you’re WAY ahead!

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