she’s forty too (not 42)

Now y’all know that today is Quinn’s 40th birthday. Two years ago I posted this little motherhood story on Ben’s 40th birthday, so in the spirit of keeping all things fair and equal I am compelled to feature some pictures of my firstborn daughter today.

Ha! That’s just my rationale for doing something I love to do. But wait! I have ten children, all told, so I get to do this eight more times.

A quick heads up: I enjoyed playing around with some Photoshop filters; that’s why these pictures look a little different.


I love how this filter exaggerates her plenty-blue eyes.


We made our children work for their supper. As a result, this girl now refuses to eat fish.


Am I biased, or is this really really cute?


It was called clogging in North Carolina’s Maggie Valley. She danced and sang as part of the Smoky Mountain Kids.


Blink. Blink. And she was a college graduate.


That purse was all she wanted for Christmas.


“Turn around and she’s a young wife with babes of her own.” Well, actually, I took this picture the day before she married Dusty, who brought these little darlings into our lives and hearts.


A year later she got to experience motherhood “from scratch,” I like to say.


And several years later, she journeyed to Ethiopia to begin mothering our two adopted sweethearts.

You might think the Anderson family is complete.

Okay, I won’t tease you into thinking they plan more children. But any essay on Quinn’s 40 years of life would not be complete without including her passion for the people who live in the colonias outside Juarez, Mexico. She and all the other Andersons consider them part of their family.

Three and a half years ago the then family of five traveled with a team from their church in Colorado to build a couple of houses in Kilometer 30. Rather than write about what happened on their return from that trip, I will encourage you to read it on the website she has since set up for that purpose.

Here’s just one example of the ongoing results of her passionate heart. And that isn’t all. She’s opened a website to encourage donors to help with the funding of future “builds” like the one our family did last Thanksgiving.

I realize there are plenty of good causes hoping for your support. But don’t think I’ll let that stop me from encouraging you to consider participating! Call it a birthday present for my 40-year-old daughter. You couldn’t give her anything she’d want more or like better.

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