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the pond

As soon as we arrived here, Oscar started talking about “the pond.” He talks in phrases at this point but with his parents handy to fill in the blanks we learned this was a favorite place to visit. You can … Continue reading

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old haverford friends meeting

Back in 2006, on a road trip through the Northeast, we attended an unprogrammed Friends meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. Our experience this morning at Old Haverford Friends Meeting in Haverford, Pennsylvania, was in most ways the same. This meeting … Continue reading

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We finally made it to Philly after a full day in the air. Rachel and John are enough of a draw to this part of the country, but adding Oscar to the mix makes the combination unbeatable. Today we set … Continue reading

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We didn’t find out until we got to the airport and tried to check in that weather conditions in Chicago would prevent us from making our connection to Philadelphia. Bummer. But just by pressing a button on the monitor, we … Continue reading

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worthwhile links

I haven’t shared links in a while. Here are a few I felt worth sharing. Just click on the darker text. An interview with Eugene Peterson. Do you like soccer? Even if you don’t, you might like this. Have you … Continue reading

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look alikes

Tonight at 8@6, I took these two pictures to add to my start-up mother-daughter look-alike collection. Here’s another I snagged from Facebook… Wow.

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young 92

She doesn’t act her age. This morning she flew home from Boise, where she attended the memorial service of her brother-in-law Roy. On their way home from the airport, other siblings-in-law took her for a birthday lunch. When she got … Continue reading

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