This will illustrate how out of it I am these days. In team meeting today, Elizabeth presented Denise and me with Professional Administrative Assistants Day (a.k.a. Secretary Day) appreciation, and it was my first clue that day had rolled around again. You see, the team we work for/with appreciates us on a regular basis, and we never feel unappreciated, ever. (Right, Deenie?)

2011-04-26 11.29.32

So we dug into our bags to learn we make the office run as smooth as…silk, peanut butter, a baby’s bottom, silky socks with Aloe (or Abe, if you read it wrong), new crayons, 50% off Easter chocolate, cream soap, and Friend-thrown pottery.


Feels a lot like Christmas!

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2 Responses to appreciated

  1. Denise says:

    Oh yes…they are so good at appreciating us! And, for that, I am very, very appreciative… 🙂

  2. Ridge says:

    You scored big time! Now we just need to establish a “Library Media Assistant” day. On secretary’s appreciation day, I get to man the office while the other secretaries get taken out to lunch….oh well!

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