a different kind of sunday

We usually eat and go to church on Sunday, but here in Florida eating and church are very different from our norm.

Whereas Mauri is usually up before the sun on Sundays, here we leisurely woke to birds singing outside our open window. At home we grab bowls of cereal for breakfast at different times; here the three of us drove to a Waffle House near the church and had the typical Waffle House experience. Worth noting!


All the booths were taken, so we grabbed three counter seats. Who would choose a booth over this?



There was so much activity in the cook’s galley that this is the best I could get of the waffle irons. Now if that doesn’t whet your appetite for a good ole Southern pecan waffle, I don’t think anything will.



Killing time while we waited for our food.


Here come the grits! Oh, yes!


Heading now to church.

Brother John attends a mega church in downtown Jacksonville. They had a full orchestra and a full robed choir. Three “specials” were sung by two male soloists and a male/female operatic duet. At NFC we usually sing five or so worship songs and hymns together, with a rare solo or choir “special.” Everything about the service was well done—and here’s where First Baptist Church of Jacksonville is the same as Newberg Friends Church.


I have to admit I was, um, surprised to see a distracting mistake on one of the slides on the projected lyrics. I wrote it on top of the bulletin. And now that I’ve brought this to your attention, I’m sure something like this will show up on the next projected lyrics at NFC, even though Mauri and I work hard to prevent it.



I saved this sign from the Waffle House to illustrate something you see in the South that you don’t see in the Northwest.


(I add this picture of our midday eating place just so you can see the color of the sky here.)


But really, I want you to see something else you see in the South that I’ve never seen in the Northwest.


Fascinating marketing strategy, I’d say.

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