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lean on me

Here’s just a little taste of what my delicious French toast breakfast inspired in these five grands: I think they could hire Paul for the “Got Milk?” commercial, don’t you?

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a visit with taylor

Have I mentioned that Taylor moved to Arizona? When you’re single, it’s easy to decrease your earthly possessions, pack your car, and relocate. Today, while the kids were in school, I drove the forty minutes up to Scottsdale to see … Continue reading

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This will illustrate how out of it I am these days. In team meeting today, Elizabeth presented Denise and me with Professional Administrative Assistants Day (a.k.a. Secretary Day) appreciation, and it was my first clue that day had rolled around … Continue reading

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Oscar and his mama went home last night. Even the dog is mopey, now that her playmate is gone. So we resort to poring through pictures taken last week. These stand out to share, because they show the genius at … Continue reading

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It was a lovely morning to walk around two cemeteries, the agenda for Rachel, Oscar, and me. It was, of course, an opportunity for Rachel to see where three of her four grandparents are buried. Our busy boy enjoyed seeing … Continue reading

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I love going to Papa’s house. He’s a lot like Santa. When I walk in the front door one of his elves greets me. Another asks me what I want for dinner. And this is the best part. I stand … Continue reading

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all better now

Nothing like a dose of our sweet Sage to make everything all better. Her mama agrees with our assessment of this little girl, already six weeks old. She smiled at me today, and I am in love.

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