Though at opposite ends of the spectrum, our experience of waiting for a baby to be born into the family was quite similar to waiting for the patriarch of the Macy family to finish his earthly journey. Both felt grueling, though we came to it fully prepared. But the best part: They both had happy endings!

Mauri’s dad, Mahlon, slipped quietly from this life to the next just an hour ago, five days after pneumonia put him in the hospital. Dad hadn’t been Dad for several years, once Alzheimer’s Disease overtook his personality along with most everything else related to his personhood. The condition was part of his genetic history, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating. The longer it went on, the harder it became to remember the real Mahlon. I won’t candy coat him now that he’s gone; he had his share of foibles. (Don’t we all?) But the stories of strength and integrity and commitment to his calling and humor and love for family reach across a lifetime (88 years) of service, testifying to the life changes he inspired.

The earth got a little better when Sage Charlotte-Rose Macy arrived just over a week ago, and heaven got a little better when Mahlon Leroy Macy entered his eternal home. We feel quite certain there is work for Dad to do on the other side, and I like to picture him all fresh and vibrant again, looking over his Do List and digging in.

As always, I’ll let some favorite photos say what my words can’t.





Since I was friends with Mauri in our youth, I was also friends with Hazel and Mahlon (Mr. and Mrs. Macy to me). Paul took this picture of the three of us when we came to Newberg in 1989.


I think this might be my top favorite, snapped at their 60th wedding anniversary celebration in 2002.


Howard’s influence.


Typical Mahlon, with ever-present lapel decor.

Now he’s happy on the way.

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9 Responses to transition

  1. CIndy says:

    My condolences to you and Mauri. I did get up to see him this morning and so glad I did.
    He was such a delight. And when he was in the special care unit I would go see him and say hi and give him a hug. I will miss him but know he is so delighted to be whole again and with the Lord and ones who have gone on before him.

    Love you two and will be praying for you all.

  2. Ridge says:

    Hugs to Mauri and you. Passages….inevitable, but still we are not always prepared for the finality of them. Long emal coming soon. xxoo Wally and Ridge

  3. Walt says:

    As I read this I’m smiling, remembering how enthusiastically he used to greet me every Sunday morning, and I’m looking forward to seeing that smile again some day when we’ve all put our diseases and foibles behind us.

    Many prayers for Hazel & all of you!

  4. Jan Haley says:

    My favorite memory of Hazel and Mahlon was when we lived in Bacliff, TX. Michael did the music at Bayshore Friends Church while Mahlon was pastor there. I was pregnant with Jared. Mahlon and Hazel came to our house to stay with Jessica when I went into labor. Hazel was so cute. She was so afraid we weren’t leaving the house quite fast enough! I’m pretty sure she was more nervous than I was. We had to go clear to Galveston for delivery. I really thought it was false labor and they would just send me back home, so I wasn’t in any hurry. He was born two hours after we arrived at the hospital. Mahlon was just his calm self.
    My mother passed away from Alzheimer’s just this past October so I know exactly what you mean when you talk about Mahlon not being Mahlon these past few years. May God bring happy memories of Mahlon from earlier years to your minds. Memories of better times.
    Heaven is rejoicing.

  5. Kevin Hoffer says:

    Sorry for your loss, its never fun to go through and only faith can get you through. My wifes Grandpa just past this past year, rather unexpectedly. But he had lived his life and I believe he was ready to go on to new and exciting things. Your blog never ceases to amaze me. You have such an awesome talent for writing and pictures it is truly awesome.


  6. Janet Marie says:

    Prayers for Mauri and the family at this bitter-sweet time. I know that God will comfort your hearts.

  7. Mary Austin says:

    I remember Mahlon from Friend’s activities. Great pictures. May God’s peace reign over you, knowing the joy and freedom Mahlon now has. God’s comfort to you both. — Mary

  8. Raelynn Chaffee says:

    My mom just called me and told me about this today. Thanks for posting those pictures, they are really sweet. Could you email me a copy of the pic of Aunt Hazel sitting on him in the grass. That picture is great! They all put a knot in my throat, but the good kind that reminds me of memories I haven’t visited in way too long. Hopefully they are in heaven planning a Newburg reunion in a cabin made of gold! I’m so there, I’ll bring the chips 🙂

  9. Donna Maples says:

    We were saddened to hear of Mahon’s passing and extend our sympathies to the family. Many at Bayshore Friends remember Mahlon and Hazel and the tremendous ministry they performed here. Mahlon was instrumental in bringing my husband and myself back to the Lord after a time of severe crisis. We will always remember him. He had such strength of character and even now the world seems a little more vulnerable without his presence. Thank you for posting these wonderful photos.

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