My job comes with its perks. As if it weren’t enough to work with really cool people on a daily basis, now and then someone wants to say thanks in a tangible way. Today in the office kitchen, these were discovered:


Oops. The cookies cover the word kids… “The FOG kids.”

“FOG” stands for 5 o’clock gathering, described as “Freedom to question…to risk…to worship! Our vision for this gathering is to become a community given life by God, living life with others, and following Jesus into the world.” When they meet two Sunday evenings each month, the children work together on an outreach project. How nice that last week’s project directed appreciation to us.



For Elizabeth.


Don’t give up on me; I’m saving (what I consider) the best for last.


And here it is:


“Dear Mauri, You are a good music teacher, and I really like the way you play piano.”

Made you smile, huh? Yea, me too. And I’m enjoying the cookies a little too much.

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2 Responses to perk

  1. LizW says:

    I really like the way Morei plays too! That’s sweet 🙂

  2. Ridge says:

    We like the way he plays the piano, too….not to mention the trombone!

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