sunday afternoon

This morning I approached Brian and Carrie Carlson with a request to interview them for the “Look Who’s Here” column in our church newsletter. Just a few hours later my friend Lisa and I drove up Chehalem Mountain to the Carlsons’ home. I had no idea the treat we had in store.



This Studebaker was our first hint.


Then these Caddys.


Then these yard ornaments.


I pulled off the drive and we got out to greet Brian, who was hanging with the horses.




The Carlsons rescue animals, care for them, give them a home and love.


This is the barn cat. Her name is Barn Cat.


This is Blue.




Brian built this big outbuilding about ten years ago, not for animals…..


…..for cars and car parts.


Don’t be fooled. This is not junk. Brian has an eBay business, selling car parts to people all over the world.


He spends much time here in his office (a separate building).


The dogs keep him company during the day while Carrie is at work.


Behind the outbuilding, more cars, more parts.


Carrie told me the make of this car, year included, and proudly explained that Brian could restore it in about a week. On a recent anniversary their entertainment was counting how many cars they own. 70!


The view from the entrance of their home.


After our tour of their property, we were offered cookies and coffee, and we sat at the table and talked. It’ll be fun to write their story.

Would you guess they were married in a cemetery?

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4 Responses to sunday afternoon

  1. Mona Steiner says:

    Any Mustangs there?

  2. Mary Austin says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh! Love it. Always wanted to live out of the city. My favorite is the “animals”. Thank you for rescuing them 🙂 They look very sweet. Very cute pictures of the various animals.

  3. Michelle Akins says:

    Carrie and Brian are some of my favorite people. They have an incredible heart for children and adults (as well as animals and cars)! I have been so blessed by their participation at NFC, teaching Sunday school and by their friendship.

  4. Julie Scherle says:

    Love the pictures. Love the story.
    Brian & Carrie are such great people.
    It was fun to read this article!

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