new to me

I first set foot in our little town of Newberg back in 1989. Paul and Taylor and I traveled from Michigan on a road trip in “Big Blue,” finding camping sites whenever possible for cheap. My dream come true!


That’s Big Blue, looking proud among the bigs.


There was much to see along the way.




I wanted to wring Taylor’s neck much of the time because he preferred sleeping to taking in the road-trip experience, but I’ll grant him favor for cooperating with my “need” to photograph him at every state line we crossed.


The purpose for our travels was to participate in our denomination’s annual conference, which that particular year was held at George Fox University. Since we’d stayed in touch with the Macys senior and junior through the years since our lives connected in Wheaton, Illinois, in the ’60s, we wanted to see them!


Yes, Paul snapped this, a reminder that makes me smile every time.


We all thought it was a little piece of heaven, getting to sing with two grand pianos and an organ in the wonderful acoustics in Bauman Auditorium.

So why am I telling you all of this?

You are so patient.

I clearly remember nearing Newberg, driving through the town of McMinnville, and passing a huge consignment shop called New to You and exclaiming to Paul that we had to come back sometime during our stay to check out that place.


I even remember the dress I bought. Did I really wear dresses back then?

Little did I know New to You would become part of the fabric of my new life as a Macy. Some things never change. I can hardly stand to buy new clothes. And now I’m to the point I can hardly stand to buy previously owned clothes that haven’t been marked way down—75% off or $1.

The beauty of my clothes-shopping routine is this: I have many really nice barely worn clothes to consign back to New to You for re-resale.


Today I took in an armload of rejects from my closet and did a little bit of bargain shopping. But instead of paying out money for my big bag of “new” clothes and my bag of “new” shoes (2 pairs), I was given money, the remainder of what was on my account after the purchase.

That’s my idea of fun.

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3 Responses to new to me

  1. Kevin Hoffer says:

    Thank Sherry, Looking at these pictures of Paul and Taylor bring back memories. Besides seeing your cool blogging and pictures, I think about Paul and the rest of you guys every time I drive by the old house.

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    Trying to ID people in that picture. Mina at the organ, Carol at the keyboard, Jim Carlson sitting, Gary Spykerman at a mic, you, Maybe Carol Lowen….
    Do you know others?

  3. Mary Austin says:

    I have the same philosophy as you with regard to new, used, and prices =D.
    I used to love to go to “New to You” to buy and consign 🙂

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