I got the idea in my head a long time ago that I’d like to invite some of my friends to share high tea with me. Trouble is, the only part of that idea that I can actually do is invite some of my friends. So I did that much…


and left the rest to the Mitchells of the now famous Feller House Bed & Breakfast.


Not all of my invited friends know each other—some are even new to me.


But you know how women are…and before long we knew quite a bit about each other. Joy’s brother might have attended Wheaton College with Susan, who knows quite a few of the same people that Kathy knows from a former church denomination. …and so it goes.

Of course I was too busy talking and eating to take any pictures of all the taste thrills we were served. You’ll have to use your imagination—or let the Arnie and Barb host high tea for you and your friends.


They’ll even take a picture of you with your friends for your blog.

And after a tour of the B&B, you might even get to go out in the barn and meet their kids!




Ma-a-a-a-a! I want my Ma-a-a-a! (You can almost hear it, can’t you?)

On our way out one of my friends handed me a little gift to remember the day. I couldn’t say it any better:


I’m blessed with some really nice friends, the kind you like to be around.

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2 Responses to tea

  1. Ridge says:

    I’m green with envy!

  2. Lisa S. says:

    I dare-say the Tea was MY Valentine’s Day! Alot of love and acceptance flowing around that table! Thank you again Sherry – You are a blessing : D

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