Today we celebrated the upcoming birth of “Little Macy,” scheduled to arrive in two or three weeks. Is Little Macy a boy or a girl? Yes! S/he has a name too, but John and Erin will wait to announce that after the birth. So we have lots of surprises in store.


You can barely see a bump on Erin in this picture. These two not only share that one obvious thing in common but have shared many years of friendship as well. We gathered at Feller House B&B to eat brunch and to shower Erin and Little Macy with love and stuff.



Barb, on the right and owner of Feller House, did a great job of preparing the brunch and providing a warm and comfortable space.




Yes, that really is sunshine pouring in the windows…


…which pleased my camera ever so much, even from a distance.


Let this mother/daughter moment represent all the gifts showered on our grandchild today.

I hope it won’t be too long before I can share the surprises mentioned above. But in the meantime, feel free to oh and ah over this cute grandchild, who’s about to turn two.

PS to Joy: Here’s the post about that piece of furniture.

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1 Response to shower

  1. Ridge says:

    What a treat! Another new grandchild! I’ll be in the resthome before that happens! 🙂

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