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I don’t overdo the grandkid thing, do I? I mean, I so easily could! All six, nearly seven, are exceptional. But maybe from time to time I’ll get the urge to feature one here, and you wouldn’t mind that, I’m … Continue reading

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Today we celebrated the upcoming birth of “Little Macy,” scheduled to arrive in two or three weeks. Is Little Macy a boy or a girl? Yes! S/he has a name too, but John and Erin will wait to announce that … Continue reading

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We got a call today from the bank that sponsors our credit card, that plastic wonder that makes spending money so easy. Turns out someone tried to rip us off. One $5,100+ charge for industrial supplies and another $500+ for … Continue reading

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Sometime between October and now, our backyard had a transformation. We hired a landscaper to do it. Here’s the disaster they got to work with. You’re right…it doesn’t look so bad from this angle. But halfway toward the apple tree, … Continue reading

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eat your vegetables

Raise your hand if you’d rather eat vegetables! Than anything else? So maybe I’m the only one who would choose anything else over vegetables (with a few exceptions—corn, spinach). Never mind, anyway. I’m not here to talk about nutrition. I’m … Continue reading

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only in a small town

On my way to work yesterday, I stopped at the post office to pick up the weekend mail. The streets were relatively quiet, since it was a bank and post office holiday. At least that’s what I thought. Turns out … Continue reading

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top bunk

Um. And exactly why do we have a cushy bed for her in nearly every room of the house?

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five cents richer

I admit it. I’ve carried a couple of those reusable grocery bags in my car for at least a couple of years and have never remembered to take them in the store with me. But today is a new day. … Continue reading

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today’s blessing

At 9:30 this morning I was at the church kitchen, tossing together my “secret” ingredients for a baked bean dish to serve 75 members of the Ankeny family who would gather for a lunch before their dad’s/uncle’s/husband’s/granddad’s memorial service. I … Continue reading

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I was pregnant for approximately nine months three times in my younger years, yet this is this only picture I have to show for it. I can’t explain why, since I fully embraced that experience. These days, impending motherhood is … Continue reading

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