I want to know who set the bar so high when it comes to Christmas stockings. Hrumph. Back in the day, I entered into the joy of stocking creativity, carefully appliqueing each name on his/her stocking—a stocking big enough to hold a carrot and a lump of coal. What was I thinking?


When the number of my children doubled overnight, I shopped at the local outlet linen store for matching king-size pillow cases, installed drawstrings in the hems, and drew names on the sides with color pens. Now those were stockings of size and substance!


And boy could we pack ’em full!

As our family grew in number, our surplus pillowcases eventually ran out.

Enter the “green” age.


Twenty-five ready-made stockings cost exactly $24.75 and the time it took me at Bi-Mart to count to 25.


Of course they needed to be individualized, all accomplished without needle or thread.


It warms your heart, doesn’t it? All we need now are cookies and milk for Santa.



While I’m confessing my older-and-wiser ways, here’s how my stocking stuffers are wrapped—in the cloth bags I made at least ten years ago and reuse every single year.

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  1. Lydia Hoover says:

    Sherry – I love the stocking stuffer wrapping bags. I think I may just “borrow” that idea for my family. How nice to have them pretty and not have the huge paper mess that gets thrown away! When I was little we burned all the paper – but somehow we always seemed to loose some small gift between unwrapping and then burning all that paper. I like the reusable-ness!! Thanks for the idea!

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