it’s tradition

Long before I became a Macy and in the years since (with one weather-related exception), the Macy family has driven to Portland one Saturday every December to enjoy an elegant breakfast together at the London Grill in the Benson Hotel. We’re thankful the “kids” instigate the planning process now, a sure sign they still want to do it.


Every year we view an intricately designed “gingerbread” house, this year—Venice.


John Macy’s artful shot.


A wedding photography session usurped all the lobby space, so we “made lemonade” by taking over the mezzanine level for our own photo shoot.


We took our sweet time over eggs benedict / crabcakes benedict / crepes then headed down the street toward Pioneer Square to hear a flute concert. But the sounds of live brass music caught our attention!



And the best was yet to come.


Uncharacteristically, my favorite introvert stepped out of his comfort zone to say a few words of affirmation and to buy their CD.

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2 Responses to it’s tradition

  1. Marcile says:

    OH boy! You guys have so much fun. Hope this was the beginning of a wonderful week of celebration. Love you, Marcile

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