I’ve been telling the same story all day, so I might as well tell you too!


These are my new hand-knit socks, a gift from my friend Ridgely.

Yesterday, when I was home for lunch, I received a small package from Bellingham, Washington. I opened the outer packaging and found a Christmas present from Ridgely with a tag that said “Do not open until Christmas.” I’m a rule keeper so I left it on the kitchen counter (since we don’t have a tree yet).

After work, Mauri walked into the dark living room a few steps ahead of me. “Oh, Marvel, you’re not going to like what’s happened here.” My nose gave no hint of what I suspected he meant, but a quickly flipped light switch revealed a floor covered with tiny bits of Christmas wrapping, and in the middle a neatly folded pair of socks.

I guess Darcy forgot to read tag.

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3 Responses to shreds

  1. LizW says:

    OOPS! Good thing her teeth didn’t get into those super-cute socks!!! 🙂


  3. Lisa S. says:

    Normally, it’s always fun to get a picture of the dog in front of the “art project” they have created. They usually have a really fun look on their face!!! HAHA – Been there….

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