do we have to be nice all the time?

Michelle hosted our team Christmas brunch this year. She made all of the food, so all we had to do was bring a wrapped white elephant gift for the traditional exchange.


Check out the “white elephant” tree!


Yes, I’m showing off what my new camera can do (clear close up in natural light). Some of you asked what kind of camera I got. It’s a Panasonic Lumix, 8x zoom, 14 mega pixels and fits in my pocket. For someone who carries a camera wherever she goes, I know very little about photography. And each time I get a new one I promise myself that this time I will read the manual and play with the settings. We’ll see how well I keep my promise this time.


Clever, huh?


This is Denise at last year’s white elephant exchange. She wrapped up that flying pig and brought it back this year. Mauri opened it.


This is Jo at last year’s exchange. She made it clear she did not want anyone to steal her picnic backpack.


But I guess she had a change of heart, because she brought it back, and now Gregg doesn’t want anyone to steal it. He might be posing; what do you think?


All this time I thought stealing gifts from each other was what makes it fun. We’re at home now, Mauri and I, and I’m admiring the very cool wrought iron rooster that he ended up with. I say way-to-go-for-stealing-that! and he told me he felt bad because he was pretty sure Steve really wanted it.

I s’pose I could learn to be nice. I have a whole year to work on it.

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