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small world

Ben and John began their friendship working for Kinney Shoes in Michigan in the mid ’80s. When John married Cherri, Ben was part of the wedding party. I’ve said this before, but I always thought it was cool that my … Continue reading

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all three

Of Mauri’s and my ten children, only three carry my DNA. It’s a rare opportunity to photograph all three at the same time, since they live busy lives in three different states. Yesterday I flew to Phoenix to take this … Continue reading

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a child is born

I did a double take when I came across this picture in a Google images search for a Christmasy background for last Sunday’s projected lyrics. I wonder what reaction the artist intended. We put so much hypothesis into the Christmas … Continue reading

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holiday baking

Once again I’ve been put to shame by the eagerness of my cookie-wizard friend Ridgely. She posted the whole process of creating these masterpieces from scratch. Those days are long gone for me. My cookie-baking efforts have been narrowed to … Continue reading

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I want to know who set the bar so high when it comes to Christmas stockings. Hrumph. Back in the day, I entered into the joy of stocking creativity, carefully appliqueing each name on his/her stocking—a stocking big enough to … Continue reading

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it’s tradition

Long before I became a Macy and in the years since (with one weather-related exception), the Macy family has driven to Portland one Saturday every December to enjoy an elegant breakfast together at the London Grill in the Benson Hotel. … Continue reading

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I’ve been telling the same story all day, so I might as well tell you too! These are my new hand-knit socks, a gift from my friend Ridgely. Yesterday, when I was home for lunch, I received a small package … Continue reading

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add one (two) more

Last March I wrote about “Why I Love Facebook.” There are many reasons to love Facebook, but one that stands above all the rest is my connection to distant family, such as my cousins’ grandkids, better known as my first … Continue reading

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all in the same day

This might explain why Mauri and I are on the “soup” diet this week. Back in Phoenix, after our house-building adventure near Juarez, Mexico, we had to fit in several favorite restaurants. A week of eating soup for three meals … Continue reading

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do we have to be nice all the time?

Michelle hosted our team Christmas brunch this year. She made all of the food, so all we had to do was bring a wrapped white elephant gift for the traditional exchange. Check out the “white elephant” tree! Yes, I’m showing … Continue reading

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