a different place

I’ve flown to Phoenix before but never from Portland. So the scenery was all new to me.


I normally view Mount Hood from the other side.


If this isn’t the Grand Canyon, it was still a grand canyon.


The topography changed quite a bit as we pulled into Phoenix. Phoenix! I flew here this morning to attend the annual meetings for Evangelical Friends Church – North America. But I came a day early to hang out with the Andersons, who moved here last August. They’re living in their fifth VRBO (vacation rental by owner) as they have figured out where they want to settle. And now they know!


Just look at that blue sky! It’s a lovely home just five minutes walking distance from the kids’ school. And they learned today that they can move in tomorrow, which is a good thing since three U-Haul trucks were loaded last weekend, driven from Denver to Phoenix (by Dusty, his dad, and Taylor), and sit parked nearby just waiting for the go-ahead to unload. Glory be!


These two are learning violin in school.




These are the faces that cheer me so. (I’m fond of their parents as well.)

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