Last night I got to attend a concert at George Fox University’s Bauman Auditorium. My early arrival allowed me 45 minutes of student watching, a dose of reality for this young-at-heart oldie. The attraction was a group called Gungor.


I cannot find enough positive words to describe the concert, but what I loved about it beyond their exceptional musicianship and creativity was how unassuming they were. No one took the spotlight, least of all Michael Gungor. He just sat on a stool among his gifted friends (one is his wife, Lisa) on a platform cluttered with instruments and mic cords and water bottles and together made beautiful music that honored God.



We were asked to not take flash photography or video, so if you want to see/hear an example of this group’s wonderfulness, click on this YouTube link to hear “Beautiful Things.”

I went to this concert resolved to not buy the CDs, since our library is already ample.


How’d I do?

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3 Responses to gungor

  1. Jamie says:

    A whole hearted AMEN! I can’t wait for Mauri to do some of their songs on a Sunday morning…=)

  2. Ridge says:

    Fabulous…..I want them all!!!!!

  3. Joy says:

    That is so great! When Ryan and I were in college, Michael Gungor’s dad was our pastor at our church in Tulsa, and Michael led worship every week. He is an absolutely amazing classical guitarist!!!!

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