erin went to china!

Our daughter Erin, already a seasoned world traveler, just added China to her international list. Her position as George Fox University’s assistant director of international recruitment provided the opportunity. In response to my welcome-home note, she directed me to her Facebook album of 92 pictures and gave me permission to post a few so that you can witness her adventure 2nd hand. Or would that be 3rd hand?


(The answer to your wondering is yes!)




Obviously, she was there to connect with potential George Fox students.


And I was very surprised and pleased to see our friend Qing in several pictures (she’s in the middle). We got to know Qing when she came to America last year for a semester of teaching at George Fox, and while here she sang in the NFC choir.


I was glad to notice Erin got to take in some sights/sites and enjoy some interesting food.




This perspective doesn’t make the Great Wall of China look all that appealing. More like appalling!


But you can’t very well go all the way to China and not see it.

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1 Response to erin went to china!

  1. Marcile says:

    Great pictures. Yup…Family matters! That news makes me smile.

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