Mauri and I agreed to provide an hour of background music for an evening meal at Friendsview Retirement Community (where our parents live), and tonight was the night. Since we figured people would be talking over us we didn’t spend much time planning and rehearsing. So I got to look through Favorites One and Two and write down page numbers of songs I love—and loved to sing in my younger days. I do love learning and singing today’s worship songs, but that doesn’t mean I have to relinquish my attachment to the old favorites.


I called dibs on the copy that belonged to my mother. Singing the old(er) songs for the old(er) folks accompanied by a top-notch pianist who can play in any key and follow whatever tempo I feel led to sing—it just doesn’t get any better than that.


Our playlist. We soloed some and dueted some, and after gobbling some supper, we headed for choir rehearsal to sing some more.

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1 Response to favorites

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Ah, the Favorites series. Remember it well. You may have collector items there.

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