From more than 100 pictures in my “cars” file I picked these few that illustrate the beginnings of my dad’s lifelong interest in cars. I had some fun trying to figure out their chronological order. Maybe you can judge how well I did.


Those are my three aunts, my dad wearing the banded hat.

9:22:1924-Eugene Nill and family-"notice my first car. 1914 Ford I bought for $500" .jpg

Is this the same “machine”? (That’s what they called a car.) On the back of this pic my dad wrote: “9/22/1924, Eugene Nill and family, notice my first car, 1914 Ford I bought for $500.”


My dapper dad in the knickers.


A two-door.


That’s my grandma in the passenger’s seat.


Again, with my grandma.


Now a married man. I recognize the house in Dayton, Ohio (where I was born).


I don’t know the story of this fender bender, but I’d bet the farm that is my dad’s car—CN-777. Carl Nill had a “thing” for the number 7.


He could afford a Cadillac but wouldn’t dream of paying for a car wash.


So…how’d I do?

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