my little seamstress

Allow me to share a short e-mail communication that passed between dear daughter Quinn and me yesterday.

Q: Guess who earned the first “Amazing Daisy” award on Tuesday. [attached was a descriptor of the girl scout award and instructions for sewing the badge to the scout’s tunic]

Me: Um. Who’s going to SEW the badge on Cassidy’s tunic?

Q: Hardy har. I already got the core of the flower ironed on, thank you very much. And even in my handicapped position of being unsettled without our stuff, I dug out a sewing kit from one of D’s hotel stays and will attempt to sew the d**n Amazing Daisy badge on. I survived AWANA and all of B’s and M’s badges, I will survive this. Just don’t look very close at my work. If only my mother could have been bothered with teaching me how to sew. (Insert big sigh here.)


Later on, this photo came through from Dusty with the caption—”Sewing is her favorite thing to do!” He’s aware of the equality of determination Quinn and I shared in her youth on the subject of learning to sew. I was determined that she would; she was determined that she would not. This picture might make you think I’ve made some progress; however I know a clenched-teeth smile when I see one.

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