team retreat – again

We just returned from our annual pastoral team retreat out at our favorite place. I imagine these rocks are starting to look familiar.


Twin Rocks, a.k.a. Two Rocks One With A Hole In It.


Mauri’s history with Twin Rocks goes way back to his childhood, mine not that far but far enough to feel nostalgic when I sit in this room. It’s been continually updated, of course. Mauri’s Aunt Charlotte Macy was the one who bought the property when it looked like this:


Charlotte added half a house on the beach side of the building behind the motel.


Here she is up on the roof. Recognize those rocks?


And now that scene looks like this. We feel blessed to get to enjoy this wonderful property with all the comforts of home.


I wish she could see her nephew enjoying his morning coffee on the deck.


I kept my camera handy during our retreat, but didn’t manage to pick it up very often. And when I did, I found myself snapping, yes, Elizabeth’s feet. I wonder what she’d think if she knew I posted a picture of her feet.


And Steve’s dessert plate. Do you find anything unusual about the combination of eclair cake and avocado?

Even though we had beautiful weather, I hadn’t taken the time to get sand on my shoes.


So I walked out toward the water, which always becomes a worship experience.

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