tomato guke

Don’t judge me too harshly for the title of this post. As it is I changed the spelling to be PC about a term I’ve been using for much longer than my awareness of anyone of Korean descent. However, I have always used it in conjunction with the word tuna…as in tuna guke, a delicious concoction served over buttered toast or, in our wealthier years, patty shells.

Last night around 8:30 Mauri started clanging some pans in the cookin’ room, and, since we had been gifted a whole bucket of fresh tomatoes, I knew he was beginning his annual ritual of making fried tomatoes. A ways back in time, when I was in newlywed mode and eager to fit into the Macy family, I actually tasted this family tradition we invited Mauri’s mom to make for us.


First you slice up a bunch of tomatoes. Then you fry some bacon and then add flour-dipped tomatoes to the grease. Make a white sauce out of the “drippings” (which by this time is more like mush) and there you have it.



How’s your appetite?


Care to join my dear man for a bowl of tomato guke? I took a pass, just like I have every tomato season since. What can I say?

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1 Response to tomato guke

  1. Mary Schrock says:

    I actually think i would like it… mom used to make fried tomatoes…didn’t have the bacon grease, but the butter, flour…making a white sauce that turned the tomatoes into a chunky gravy……tasty!

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