our new car

Well, the temptation became too much and we gave in and bought a brand new car.


It’s a Mercedes-Benz SCL600.


We were so excited about those cool doors and couldn’t wait to drive it right off the showroom floor. First we had a little disagreement about which one of us got to drive.


But then we noticed it didn’t have a steering wheel or an accelerator or a brake pedal, and our disagreement switched to which one got to ride. Have you ever driven a car with a joy stick?

Needless to say, we backed out of the deal. We decided to be happy with our old van and “new” Honda Element.

Okay, I’m just joshing you. I did wonder about this car when my cousin sent these pictures in an e-mail forward. So I Googled it and learned this. Oh well, maybe you’ll get to drive one in your lifetime.

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