seven bridges

Mauri uses our BikeE tandem for his around-town transportation, and we take it for local spins from time to time. We intended to ride it in the Portland BridgePedal—23 miles / seven bridges—this morning, but he discovered a big crack in the back wheel last night. So we pulled down the “Screamer” (the real name of the bike we crashed four plus years ago), changed out the pedals, took it for a trial spin, and loaded it in the van.

2010-08-08 08.04.42.jpg

Downtown Portland at 8 a.m. this morning!


We’ve grown accustomed to hearing “Cool bike!” and “She’s not pedaling!” as we cruise the neighborhoods of Newberg on our recumbent tandem. This morning we heard some more creative comments: (to me) “Do you ever try to pass that guy?”; (to us) “That probably requires quite a bit of trust”; (to me) “He’s not pedaling!”



We were thankful it wasn’t a race as a lot of backs (and backsides) passed us along the route. But eventually we


crossed the finish line no worse for the wear.

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  1. Marcile says:

    Three cheers!!!

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