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rear view

If you ever wondered about the stoker’s role on a tandem, it’s been described as “a sack of potatoes with legs of steel.” I’ve never sat in the captain’s position so I don’t know anything about being in charge. No … Continue reading

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I’ve never been a fish eater. Except for tuna from a can, that is. For some reason I’ve always liked tuna sandwiches and tuna casserole. But just plain ole fish, no matter how enticingly prepared, gets me gagging. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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In October 2007 I posted this picture of our friends Gary and Susan Fawver. But I think that’s the only time they’ve shown up on this blog. Pity. My friend Susan and I go way back, back to my high … Continue reading

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dished out

Taylor Carlson, circa 1977 (note dishes in the dishwasher, not the fact that I let my baby play with lethal weapons) John Macy, circa 1982 (birthday #5—note dishes on the table) “What are the odds?” you might ask, that the … Continue reading

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quinn’s beautiful feet

Just one time I might have slipped up and said the wrong thing to my young and impressionable daughter. It isn’t as if it hurt her feelings or scarred her for life. Or that she remembers it to this day. … Continue reading

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Trust me. I couldn’t have missed this birthday if I tried. For months now Medicare supplement insurance companies (and funeral plan offers) have filled my mailbox with “helpful” information about their services. Since I’m blessed with a job I love, … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, America! And to celebrate we threw all of our food cautions to the wind.

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