I didn’t spend a lot of time at my cousins Jim and Lisa’s house, but back when our Michigan home bordered their Indiana home I’d sometimes drop in on them for a couple of hours just to see what was happening. And since they raised five kids, there was always something happening. They eventually grew used to Cousin Sherry showing up unannounced and let me just be part of the family scene for a spell. (That is still the case.)

On one of those visits I snapped this common sight. A kid on the counter.


This is Hannah. (Don’t you just love the sugar canister?) She’s having herself a sweet treat.

Hannah’s now a mama of daughter Lily, who’s about this age now. This morning I read Hannah’s blogpost that alerted my love for a good series and sent me to my photo archives.


Here’s the photo match and the story Hannah tells.


I snapped this picture a few months ago when I was in Indiana for some family time. What goes around comes around. Will I live long enough to see Lily’s baby girl on the kitchen counter?

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