rear view

If you ever wondered about the stoker’s role on a tandem, it’s been described as “a sack of potatoes with legs of steel.” I’ve never sat in the captain’s position so I don’t know anything about being in charge. No this isn’t a hint to the captain of our tandem team; I’m perfectly content to remain compliant on the back of our two-seater transport.


The rear view is pretty good though, don’t you think? And unless we’re climbing, I don’t have much responsibility. I don’t even need to hold on!


These pics were taken last Sunday. We were headed to Yamhill Grill a mere three miles from home. But we need to get ourselves in gear for what’s coming up on August 8.

Picture 1.png

We’ve signed up for the seven-bridge ride.


Mauri did it last year with the local Macy “kids,” and now I get to experience it for myself—from the rear.

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1 Response to rear view

  1. LizW says:

    You’re gonna do it this year?? WOOHOO! It’s SO fun! We do it every year. We’ll look for you….. 🙂

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