In October 2007 I posted this picture of our friends Gary and Susan Fawver.

Fawvers cook.JPG

But I think that’s the only time they’ve shown up on this blog. Pity. My friend Susan and I go way back, back to my high school days, of all things. She was a student at Wheaton College and did her student teaching at Wheaton Academy, where I was a freshman or sophomore. Of course she has no memory of me and I have no memory of her. Still we like to believe that at some point we connected on some level. It makes our story so much better.

Susan was on the Newberg Friends Church music committee when the church hired Mauri in 1980 as its quarter-time music/small group pastor. Through their years of friendship grew a level of trust that allowed Mauri, and later me, to seek counsel on any matter of concern. Susan doesn’t give advice; instead she asks thoughtful and probing questions that lead you to find direction in your own answers. It’s a gift, I’m sure.

Aside from that, Susan is just a really good friend with a servant heart. That’s why it was so much fun to attend a celebration that her children, their spouses, and grandkids planned in honor of Gary and Susan’s 50th wedding anniversary.


Here they are cutting one of several anniversary cakes. The others represented (1) their nine grandchildren, (2) their extensive world travels in support of Christian camping, (3) their years of service at Tilikum Retreat Center.


I took this picture of the family ten years ago. Add several feet of height to each of those kids and you get this:



I could go on and on about Susan and her remarkable family, but of course it would embarrass her. Even this much will. But I just have to say that everyone should be so lucky to have a Susan Fawver in her life.

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3 Responses to susan

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you that everyone should have a “Susan Fawver” in her life. I’m happy to report, that I’m one of the ones who gets the real deal! 🙂 Susan and Gary are both tremendous encouragers, thoughtful friends, and wise mentors. They bless me as individuals and as a couple. These two know the meaning of commitment and love. I am saddened that I didn’t make it to celebrate their special day with them, but joyful that Gary and Susan are part of my everyday life!

  2. LizW says:

    YAY! I love Susan – and I’ve SO enjoyed playing next to her in bells all these years! I wish I had been in town to attend that wonderful celebration.

  3. Judy says:

    I really enjoyed looking at all their wedding pictures. What struck me about both the Saturday celebration and the pictures of the wedding was how evident it was that they were both having such FUN!

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