quinn’s beautiful feet

Just one time I might have slipped up and said the wrong thing to my young and impressionable daughter. It isn’t as if it hurt her feelings or scarred her for life. Or that she remembers it to this day. Or reminds me of it whenever the subject of feet comes up.

We might not remember it exactly the same, but yesterday it resurfaced in a conversation with her pediatrist as he was prepping her for surgery. I wasn’t there, but Dusty reported it something like this: Q quipped to her doctor, “any boy that ever liked me my mom always asked ‘but have you seen her feet yet?'”


Here’s the picture she sent me of her beautiful foot.


With the surgeon’s marks. Note to self: Make sure you get a pedicure before foot surgery.


Post-surgery beauty. The yellow thingy is a pin almost a millimeter wide and three inches long that attaches to her metatarsal inside her (beautiful) foot.

Somehow Quinn managed to land herself a good husband without my help.

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4 Responses to quinn’s beautiful feet

  1. Joanna says:

    That’s gonna hurt a bit. I think the surgeons marks are rather artistic, don’t you?

  2. Ridge says:

    Owww….really, really owww!!!

  3. Craig MacDonald says:

    Is the other foot the same? i.e., does she have to go through this again?

  4. Deborah Johansen says:

    LOVE the polish color a lot!

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