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baby heaven

The littler one was born three weeks ago to Derin and Andra. They’re quite fond of the chap. It’s hard to catch Oscar still enough to snap a picture (unless he’s sitting at the table). He’s a very inquisitive 18-month-old, … Continue reading

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We started the day’s celebration thinking up mushy Facebook updates. Mauri thought “To the little woman: For sixteen years of washing my socks—Thanks!” would work. Then his breakfast looked like this— and we thought that was pretty romantic. I had … Continue reading

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breakfast buddy

A grandma is allowed to gush a little when such a sweet and handsome boy as this shares her breakfast table. Oscar and his parents arrived yesterday afternoon, and we’ll be enjoying their eagerly awaited presence for the next week, … Continue reading

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I didn’t spend a lot of time at my cousins Jim and Lisa’s house, but back when our Michigan home bordered their Indiana home I’d sometimes drop in on them for a couple of hours just to see what was … Continue reading

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I really do love this picture of Paul’s grandmother (my children’s great-grandmother) holding his dad as a babe. It triggers the memory of stories told of how she had already raised a daughter when a large “tumor” turned out to … Continue reading

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We held a successful garage sale two weekends ago, which is always a joyful event around our house. And since then I’ve cleared out another whole garage sale worth of stuff. But we have family coming (Yippee!) and I want … Continue reading

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small town

I’m sure living in a small town has disadvantages. I will need some help in thinking of any. Today on my lunch hour I stopped in the library to check out some books for grandson Oscar, who will be visiting … Continue reading

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