two remarkable things

There are two remarkable things about this picture. (1) We made it to church not just on time for the early service but early enough to stop and pose this picture! I guess it isn’t all that remarkable, since most of the kids are self sufficient. But still… (2) Posing this picture was Bailey’s idea, remarkable because he’s 13 and could be at the age of embarrassment for such a public display. This is a kid who’s comfortable in his own skin.

Saturday’s fun included watching Bailey pitch this of two games we attended,

(we were in the peanut gallery) and

also Paul’s t-ball game, “a real nail-biter,” according to Taylor.

Some chill time for the boys and

a beautiful full double out the Andersons’ back window. I couldn’t get back far enough to capture the whole thing, so I guess I’ll just have to remember it.

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  1. Bethany says:

    I’m glad you remarked:-)

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