Pete turned 35 yesterday, and at his party last night he answered the traditional birthday question, “What do you remember about the day you were born?” with the usual story of what turned out to be his mom’s contractions getting blamed on the huge Mexican meal she’d eaten the night before, with Mauri adding the part about him asking the doc whether it was a boy or a girl and the doc saying he didn’t know but that “it” had a lot of red hair. A hair color no one on either side of the family shared.

And you can see the Macys ended up with two red-haired boys before all was said and done. Turned out a great-grandpa on M-R’s side was responsible.

All growed up and still sporting the carrot tops. (I hope that isn’t a derogatory term.)

So the birthday boy did the grilling,

…while the women did the grunt work,

…and the man who made this birthday possible in the first place took his rightful place on the hammock.

The delicious meal was topped of with Erin’s famous Oreo cake.

Macys know how to party!

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3 Responses to 35

  1. Janet Marie says:

    You sure do throw a great party!!! Do you share the recipe for Oreo cake too? : ) Or is it a family secret.

  2. Rachel says:

    So so so wish we could have been there to celebrate Pete with you! Happy birthday, Pete! I love you!

  3. Walt says:

    Hey, “Carrot-Top” is a designation of honor in this family 🙂

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