Nearly every Friday morning Mauri heads over to Caravan Coffee for the weekly cupping. Mmhmm. That was a new term to me too. Wikipedia describes it thusly:

Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee It is a professional practice but can be done informally by anyone or by professionals known as Master Tasters. A standard coffee cupping procedure involves deeply sniffing the coffee, then loudly slurping the coffee so it spreads to the back of the tongue. The coffee taster attempts to measure aspects of the coffee’s taste, specifically the body (the texture or mouthfeel, such as oiliness), sweetness (the perceived sweetness at the sides of the tongue, acidity (a sharp and tangy feeling at the tip of the tongue, like when biting into an orange), flavor (the characters in the cup), and aftertaste. Since coffee beans embody telltale flavours from the region where they were grown, cuppers may attempt to predict the coffee’s origin.”

I’ve never even pretended to be a coffee drinker, though Mauri thoughtfully offers to make me a cup every morning. But his interest is strong enough to carry both of us. One of these days I’ll get around to posting his coffee-interest story. Or maybe he will! Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics of him at a Friday morning cupping, taken by another cupper and posted on Facebook.

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  1. Leane says:

    I’m heading for Honduras in 10 days. You experienced my weak-knee’d coffee habit when I visited. They tell me that in Honduras the coffee is “stretched” by adding something to the beans that really makes the brew bitter. I’ll have to taste a little of the Honduran version and wish I was drinking the full-bodied Mauri Macy brew!.

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