car talk

I wish I could remember who said of my beloved son Ben: “He dispenses with pleasantries.” She nailed it. Ben gets to the point.

Case in point (which is the point of this post):

In Michigan a couple of weeks ago, Quinn, Ben, and I were riding together in my rental car.

Me: We got a new car.

Ben: You sold your Jeep?

Me: Yup.

Ben: What’da get?

Me: A Honda Element.

Ben: Those are ugly.

Me: No, they’re not—it’s cute!

Ben: They’re ugly.

Me: sigh  In my view, the Element isn’t that far removed from a Jeep, which isn’t that far removed from my dream car—a Hummer!

Now that statement got a rise out of Quinn. Right then and there I determined to prove my point.

This is a Hummer.

This is an Element. You see it, don’t you. If you made a flip book, you couldn’t tell the start from the finish.

So there.

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4 Responses to car talk

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Uhm, aside from the fact they’re both red and black…. Just about everything else is different.
    You are a girl.
    BTW, the H-3 is indeed a glorified Jeep.

  2. Walt says:

    Sorry, Sherry, I’m with Ben. The Element is one of the ugliest cars Honda has ever produced – and they’ve had a few. No, a Hummer is way cooler looking 🙂

  3. Leane says:

    Aww Sherry. . . that’s just guy talk. Both vehicles are square-ish, both vehicles start when you turn the key. Both vehicles take you from one place to another. But the Element takes less gas! So fellas what’s the big deal? I look at Hummers running around in town, and I think “There goes another person who needs to think that others see him/her as a rugged person with power and status.” I’m not so impressed.

  4. Michelle says:

    Well Sherry-I liked it. Thanks for the ride today! I like the color, I like the fun doors, I like the big huge sun roof, and I think it is very cute. So there.

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