road trip wrap up

My road trip reporting wouldn’t be complete without two additional visits with, yes, more cousins. I seem to have a lot of cousins!

Cousin Marcy, of Dundee, Illinois, is Paul’s dad’s (much older) sister’s daughter’s daughter. Got it? First cousin once removed. She is the only remaining member of that side of the family along with me/mine, of course, even though only my children/granddaughter carry the DNA. What the family lacks in quantity, Marcy makes up for in quality. She’s camera shy, so I will cherish this picture. I also videoed her playing the piano, beautifully (and I have a high standard). Marcy is a retired school teacher but stays busy keeping her historic, former-streetcar-depot home updated and the yard garden-club perfect. She also sings with Heartland Voices.

So, once again you’ll indulge my “need” to include a little history. Here’s Marcy with her cousin Paulie.

A slightly older version of the cuzins.

In Columbus, Ohio, I visited yet another cousin, Helen Katherine. She’s my dad’s sister’s daughter.

She snapped this pic of me in her front bedroom “borrowing” a neighbor’s unprotected wireless Internet.

Our visit included meeting her friend Harold (a very nice man),

several demonstrations of Hansel’s tricks and training (he’s a multiple award winner!),

and a mini concert.

Here’s the inevitable history:

H.K. is front and (almost) center, sandwiched between her brother, Dave, and my goofy brother, Johnny. My mother is holding the dog, and Aunt Esther is holding me.

And there you have it.

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