look who’s one!

Our girl turns one today. And to celebrate we invited Mr. Darcy’s mom, Little Anne, to come for a doggie celebration. It seemed only right that the two should celebrate this important birthing anniversary together, don’tcha think?

That a dog (or any animal or plant) can survive for an entire year in our household is a tribute to the attention given by the other human here at 514. Mauri carefully measures her food, often “cooking” for her (meaning he fries up a little bacon in the wok and tosses in her food to flavor it). He takes her for outings to DQ or Wilco or the local pet store. The GPS in the “dogmobile” knows the clearest route to the McMinnville Dog Park.

For fun, here’s a growth comparison.

Darcy was still “Little Jane” when I took this picture.

Here she is now—considerably bigger! (I needed some excuse to post this funny pose.)

And just a few party pictures with Darcy’s mama.

And a good time was had by all.

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3 Responses to look who’s one!

  1. Ridge says:

    Happy Birthday, Darcy! What a great idea….did they “know” each other?

  2. Q. says:

    Okay, I am dying to comment on this post…but I will refrain…

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