six months

Sometimes being born 50 percent German comes in handy. My stubborn streak hasn’t always been considered an attractive trait, but for the past six months—especially those recent 12 days of travel—I’ve put it to good use.

On November 30, 2009, I decided for health reasons to abide by some strict dietary prohibitions: No gluten, dairy, citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, onion/garlic, caffeine, chocolate, pork, shellfish, peanuts, sugar, fizzy pop, hydrogenated oil, fried food. I committed to six months. Today is the last day of that commitment. Tomorrow I’m going to eat pizza!

I’ve learned a lot about food, being so focused on what goes in my mouth. You might remember my experiment with the green smoothie. I have since perfected it and hope to make it a regular part of my diet from here on out. I’ve even become evangelistic about the benefits (you should try it!) At home it isn’t so hard to stick to my plan, but traveling is another matter. It was the ultimate test of my resolve, especially so close to the end of my six months. No one would have faulted me for fudging that date. But I was doing this for myself, and I would have faulted myself. See? Stubborn.

A full day of travel to reach my destination meant a full day of “legal” snacking on what I carried from home. I packed the Braun Turbo, wondering if it might trip me up going through security. (It didn’t going, but did returning.) At a nearby super store I bought a small cooler and my smoothie fixin’s for the road.

My hosts watched with wonder (not awe) as I beat up my spinach and fruit.

We always search out a Panera Bread when we travel, a comfortable place to hang out with free wi-fi. They have a tasty menu but nothing I could eat. I sipped on herbal tea this day, but in a different town ordered a strawberry granola parfait minus the yogurt.

Grilled chicken Caesar salad was the standard restaurant order. Minus the crouts, of course.

And this morning, on my last day, I fixed my standard breakfast of one oatmeal pancake (made with spelt flour and honey) with blueberries, pecans, and real maple syrup. As you see, I’ve hardly been suffering. Did it help, you ask? Yes and no. My chronic cough cleared up almost immediately. The chronic pain from sciatic issues continues (now have a naturopath and a chiropractor working on me). Another positive effect was some needed weight loss, which adds to my overall well-being.

The big test comes now; without a specific goal I tend to wander back to my old patterns. To prevent that, I have a plan. It looks like this. And with that I end this post and the whole topic of what I eat or don’t eat. Who really cares anyway.

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4 Responses to six months

  1. Joanna says:

    Congrats!!! I hope you’re all cured for good!

  2. Aj says:

    “And with that I end this post and the whole topic of what I eat or don’t eat. Who really cares anyway.” – Um, do you know your community at all? We LOVE to know what people are (and aren’t) eating and why. Some offices post personality test outcomes at peoples’ cubicles: I think we should have food labels (please don’t feed me gluten; dairy makes me cry; I love chocolate and peanuts). 🙂

  3. Hannah LeMasters Hoover says:

    Proud of you! I have a vitamix and I adore it!

  4. Lisa N. says:

    You are actually making that green smoothie look good to me! I may have to try it. However, I’m so glad you are able to enjoy pizza and chocolate again! I hope your new plan continues to work for you – you look great!

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